The entry looks as it did the day the building was abandoned. With the revolving entryway still in place, right next to the old security office. The air is thick with the damp smell of neglect. Right after entrance and to the right, it is possible to climb up through the uneven stairwell. Ascending into the unknown depths of the once deserted building. On the climb you start to see them, the brightly lit rooms that now inhabit this place, the vitality and resilience that are the very definition of making something from nothing.

Near the top of the building, through a dimly lit corridor with the tiles on the ceiling in a constant danger of budging in you see the light. So bright at first that it is almost blinding. After the climb, the sunny space has an almost celestial feeling, with its bare white walls. The air changes as the comforting fragrance of wood shavings mixes with the fresh air streaming through the open windows.
Here underneath the branches of the tree they build entirely from clay, which spreads its branches across the ceiling you find the buildingsite that will one day house "Your Choice проект свідомості". Here they carefully put together the pieces of the puzzle, that one day will form a safe space for conversations. Conversations about humanity, ecology and the way that modern lifestyles are threatening our planet.

Founded by three friends, Khrystyna, Mykhailo and Volodymyr, "Your Choice" wants to advocate a way of living that is more in harmony with nature. As Khrystyna explains:

"It's a project of consciousness"
"A person is in harmony with nature when they look at their actions more closely. They think about the things they buy, which resources they waste, how things are produced. This person tries to minimize the negative impact and is willing to multiply the number of life cycles of an object."
- Khrystyna
Bare feet move across the floor without making a sound, the noises muted by the thick layer of sawdust that cover the herribone patterned wooden floor. Strewn across the floor lies tools of all shapes and sizes.

Mykhalio stops for a minute, checking the levels of the piece of wood he's about to cut. Moments later he turns on the electrical saw, steadying the wood with his bare foot.

When the space is finished, it will house musical events, spiritual practices and master-classes. In general, the lectures will be linked to the perception of interacting with nature harmonically, without exhausting Earth's resources.

"What we want to do is rearrange harmony. Now we see the disharmony, we face it, we feel it. It's all linked to sustainable lifestyle because wars and aggression are related to the emotional and spiritual state of a person. We aim to develop it as well," says Khrystia.
A bare light bulb lights up the corridor, casting shadows across the ornate ceiling that shows the grandeur of the past. Underneath the bare feet are dancing a primitive dance, going up and down in the big barrel, kneading together a mixture of hay and clay, forming the mixture that will restore and strenghten the once crumbling walls.

There is concentration on their faces, as bare hands slap the mix on to the walls. Every single piece of clay carefully placed for optimum coverage. It is a back-to-basic kind of building style. Skilfully thought out in a way that minimizes the impact the building process will have on the environment.

A step back, a look at things from another perspective, nothing is random, a trait that characterizes every single aspect of the project.
"There are sceptics, but when they see the alternatives we are creating. How it works in reality, they might start to change their mind - they might start thinking in a different way."
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