Sustainable Lviving

Sustainable Living
A word and a concept that does not exist in the Ukrainian language. With a history that has been littered with inequality, suppression, and political unrest, it seems the furthest from their mind.

"To some extent there are problems because we had this very fast transition from the Soviet culture into consumerism. People do not know how to react to these new opportunities that come around. You witness it on the streets: the incapability of people to quickly adapt." - Vitaliy Soloviy, Organizer of Zero Waste Lviv

But change is coming. In the city of Lviv there is a growing community of people who are trying to find a more sustainable way of living.
These are their stories
Nothing goes to waste, and everything can either be recycled or turned into a fun activity for her children. Natalia is a zero waste activist in Lviv with her own impromtu waste management station at home.

Creating something useful, beautiful and functional from what we leave behind. This Lviv startup run by Ivan Nesterenko and Maryna Plokhotniuk tackles the cities waste problem one plastic lid at a time.

Your Choice
Living in harmony with nature and saving the earth's resources: That is the goal of the Lviv-based company "Your Choice". They are renovating a room to use it for lectures and master-classes linked to that topic.

Who we are
This project was made during the International School of Multimedia Journalism in Lviv by students from Austria, Denmark & Ukraine.
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